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New single – AND Album ! now “Pay what you can”

Our new single - 'Girl, you've made me' and album -'We are the Sea Cadets' are now downloadable/streaming on Bandcamp on a 'Pay what you can' basis. Thats got to be a barg, surely.

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We’re now on Bandcamp

We’ve now got a presence on Bandcamp.

All our music is available to stream or purchase there and it will be where all new music from us goes in future.

Bandcamp does a lot to help the Music Industry and we’re glad our 17 plays a month will contribute 😉

Use this link to follow us on Bandcamp and be notified about any new releases.

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New track – They died with their boots on

TDWTBO cover

For this new track the Sea Cadets strap on their spurs and head to the Wild West (the Norfolk Lavender fields near Heacham to be exact...)

Fabulously, Tom Robinson s going to play it as part of his BBC Introducing mixtape - thanks Tom.

BBC Introducing tweet

They Died with their boots on (Words/Music - The Sea Cadets)

Day follows Night, drought follows rain
This we expect again and again
start work at six and finish at dusk
sand dries our skin and our hands ever rough
The seeds that we plant in the dirt that we till
Will feed the villagers if we’ve got will
The wind on our backs turns the horses around
We can’t plough the fields in this arid baked ground
Take to the road when the moon is high
Finding our way with the stars in the sky
When will the sweat of our toil bring reward
We fight for enough let alone something more
We’re humble and ancient, our hair has long gone
We remember our youth in the face of our sons
No time to take pleasure in sun on our face
We’ll starve and be homeless if we lose this race