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Best of the rest Volume 1 – Catman Boogie Records 1984


In 1984, Catman Boogie records put together a Compilation LP of South East Essex bands which was to be recorded at Indigo Blue Studios, in Boreham, nr Chelmsford, Essex.
Obviously, coming from West Norfolk, the Sea Cadets had to be involved !
If you are a member of one of the other bands included on the LP we'd love to link to your page/music.

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2 thoughts on “Best of the rest Volume 1 – Catman Boogie Records 1984

  1. I was the keyboard player for Crime of Passion on the album ( a lot younger then). Would love to hear the track again (The More I See) as I no longer have a copy. If anyone has a recording of it, do please let me know.
    I actually remember the studio and making the recording whic is surprising as I went on to play for many more bands.

    1. I’ll try and rip a copy this weekend Daren.

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