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New track – They died with their boots on

TDWTBO cover

For this new track the Sea Cadets strap on their spurs and head to the Wild West (the Norfolk Lavender fields near Heacham to be exact...) - click the image below to stream on Spotify

They Died with their boots on (Words/Music - The Sea Cadets)

Day follows Night, drought follows rain
This we expect again and again
start work at six and finish at dusk
sand dries our skin and our hands ever rough
The seeds that we plant in the dirt that we till
Will feed the villagers if we’ve got will
The wind on our backs turns the horses around
We can’t plough the fields in this arid baked ground
Take to the road when the moon is high
Finding our way with the stars in the sky
When will the sweat of our toil bring reward
We fight for enough let alone something more
We’re humble and ancient, our hair has long gone
We remember our youth in the face of our sons
No time to take pleasure in sun on our face
We’ll starve and be homeless if we lose this race

Fabulously, Tom Robinson played it as part of his BBC Introducing mixtape - thanks Tom.

BBC Introducing tweet
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New Album imminent ! ‘Live at the Apollo’


Our new album is called 'Live at the Apollo', we are releasing it on CD (remember those ?) shortly, but, if you're extra eager, a 4 minute sampler of it can be seen here on Youtube...

We wont be placing it on Spotify (see earlier posts) but the album in its entirety can be streamed on Soundcloud here

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The Houses of Diss

The Houses of Diss is our tribute to John Betjeman and his visit to Diss in the sixties, which was the subject of a wonderful film at the time.

'The Houses of Diss' on Soundcloud

It is available on Spotify too - click HERE to listen.

Rural Tension Records

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The Sea Cadets

The Sea Cadets were originally formed in 1980 when the Exploding Hamsters imploded.

Demo recordings and a single gig preceded a 30 year hiatus when Gary was sent into Exile (Essex)

New recording in 2014 led to BBC 6Music plays followed by a single (Chameleon) and Album (Sail Away) which sold in almost negative numbers but proved Spotify favourites in Scandinavia and the USA.

Singles in 2016 and 2018 led to more airplay on BBC 6Music and Radio Norfolk Introducing (cool, considering we are both over 200 years old) and led to an appearance on the 2017 Emotional Response Christmas Compilation CD.

An EP is planned for Autumn 2018.

Click here to see the history of the Sea Cadets

Click here to play or buy Sea Cadets music